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Monetizing medical and scientific data through NFTs

Safe. Transparent. Compliant.

Advanced business data platform for pharma, research and insurance organizations. Distribution, exchanging and commercializing of data throught our NFT system.


Proof of authenticity

Blockchain technology makes sure the information is delivered in its original state.

Intellectual property

Assign and follow the data

Smart contracts make sure that the rights on digital assets are maintained.


Contracting & Payments

Smart contracts make sure all legal documents and payments are being processed.

1. Provide depersonalized data, 2. mint and 3. sell your NFTs.

Breaking up data silos and unleash the power of medical and scientific data.

Aimedis NFTs

Why is this

Data aquisition errors while data is entered and copied, the possibility to manipulate or delete data while having no clear data transfer chain made the process even more difficult.

Technology impact in the field of science and medical research

The Aimedis blockchain opens a gateway to a whole new level of trust, transparency, interoperability and data quality.

Complete traceability

Next level utility

Advanced security

Fast processing

Get involved in a large-scale healthcare ecosystem

Discover a new way to access and transfer data. Safe, transparent, and compliant.