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*Hospitals, medical centers and other care facilities must register individually with us. Please send us a message to [email protected].

AIMEDIS - What we offer

One ecosystem for your healthcare and medical data.
Store your data securely and anonymously, backed by our proprietary blockchain, and share it with the doctors you trust.
Get advice, appointments, prescriptions - everything with only a few clicks.

Your health data in one place

Videochat with doctors


Prescription online

Second Opinion

Connect fitness trackers

Care for your family

Medical tourism

AIMEDIS - the Technology

blockchain smart contracts smart graphs artificial intelligence highest security standards
payments cryptocurrencies ICD ATC HL7 FHIR HIPPA IHE DICOM

Optimal Security

Blockchain & Smart contracts

Smart graphs & AI

Payment & cryptocurrencies

AIMSafe drug safety

ICD 10




Aimedis has been developed by doctors for patients, doctors and hospitals - designed to give patients the complete control over their health data and support them before, during and after a treatment - even abroad and while travelling.

Aimedis is the health platform of the future.

Aimedis accompanies you all around the clock, gives you security and connects you with doctors you can trust.

Aimedis combines your health data, onliner prescriptions, video consultation with doctors and psychologists, information, medical hardware, your smart devices, and more on a single platform on your PC, your smartphone or your tablet, anytime, worldwide and in multiple languages.

Soon Aimedis will offer much more including AIMSocial - the interactive patient platform that is secured and supported by a blockchain and help patients to support each other on a new level.

AIMEDIS - the numbers


big pharma companies

> 20



Hospital chains



AIMEDIS is mobile

Enjoy Aimedis on all your devices


on iPhone and iPad from iOS 9


on Android smartphones and tablet from Android 4

Fully responsive

working with all HTML5 compatible browsers

Soon public in the app stores

AIMEDIS - our offer

Many offers for different demands

Always free

  • Saving & storing all your medical data

  • Data exchange

  • Videochat with your family doctor*

  • Appointments for doctors and hospitals

  • Drug prescriptions online

  • Emergency data, patient decrees, organ doner card

  • Implementation of all your tracker data

  • Connection to hospitals and doctors abroad

Premium for patients

  • 24 / 7 Videochat with doctors & psychologists 29,- Euros for 20 minutes

  • Prescriptions via the Aimedis medical team 9,- Euros per prescription

  • professional second opinions

  • Price depending on expenses, most of the time taken over by your health insurance company

All contracts can be cancelled on a monthly base

Premium for practices**

  • Videochat with your patients

  • from 19,- Euro per Month

  • Give prescriptions online

  • from 9,- Euro per Month

  • Appointments online

  • from 19,- Euro per Month

  • Aimedis all in one servicepackage

  • from 39,- Euro per Month

All contracts can be cancelled on a monthly base
* To use this option, your family doctor must offer it to you
** If you are responsible for a hospital or a medical cernter please send us an email to [email protected]

AIMEDIS - the System

Just take a look at our system, here you will find some impressions

Fully responsive

in every actual browser


also fully functional abroad

Easy to use

also for unexperienced patients simple & fast

ISO 27001 certification

For optimal security through regular security audits

Tested by doctors & hospitals

Tested by active physicians and medical IT specialists

AIMEDIS - the team

From and with doctors for patients, resident colleagues and hospitals
Dr. Michael J. Kaldasch
CEO, MD & founder
Dr. Ben El Idrissi
COO, MD & founder
Sankar Ghanesh
Dr. Lazaros Fountoukidis
Roxana Nasoi, M.Sc.
Dr. Stefan F. Krieg
Physicist - HPC, deep learning & AI
Lin Wan, M.Sc.
Lead full stack developer
Amer Mufti
Head of Silicon Valley office-lead blockchain developer
Sebastian Wehkamp, M.A.
CDO & Creative director
Benjamin Bergmann
Sopita Singdee
BD Asia
Catherine Angcaya M.A., LL.C
Daria Borisenko, B.A.
BD Russia, Ukraine & Belarus
BingFeng Liu, B.Sc.
Full stack developer
ZiLong Sun, B.Sc.
Full stack mobile developer
Zhu Gang, B.Sc.
Full stack developer
Markus Moench, M.Sc., B.Sc.
Full stack developer
Dr. Yang Chul Boering
Project leader hospitals & MD
Yohei Negi

AIMEDIS - the board

Meet our board
Prof. Dr. Volker Hömberg
Neurologist, president WFNR
Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mehdorn
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Gülker
Prof. Dr. Thomas Druyen
Director of the Institute for Future Psychology and Future Management
Prof. Dr. Michael Philippi
Former CEO Sana Kliniken AG
Prof. Dr. Georg Sabin
Prof. Dr. Hubertus Heuer
Prof. Dr. Berhard Breil
Health IT scientist
Prof. Simon Choi, LLB, LLM, CPEC
Top ICO lawyer
Prof. Dr. Timo Schinkoethe
Biologist & computer scientist, founder of Cankado
Rui Dong
Key advisor at the Blockchain Association of Canada
Miguel Sanchez de Pedro
Banking expert
Rizmy Shariff
Investment & ICO specialist

AIMEDIS - Testimonials

What do doctors say about Aimedis?

AIMEDIS is free

AIMEDIS - Contact us

Sint Michaëlstraat 4, 5935 BL Steyl, Netherlands