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Important for presale buyers:

Your AIM will be sent to your wallets in the upcoming days.
In case we do not have your ERC20 wallet address yet, we will contact you.
If you have any question please send a message to contact@aimedis.com.

Aimedis Digital Asset (AIM)

The Aimedis ERC20 based digital asset (AIM) can be used to buy medical services inside the Aimedis ecosystem and the Aimedis second opinion portal from Q3 2019.

Exchange rates for medical services will initially be at least 0,15 USD per AIM and give the token holder the possibility to buy the services including videochat with doctors, prescriptions and second opinions with a discount compared to fiat money or other cryptocurrency payments.

Whitepaper for the Aimedis digital asset (AIM)

Find the technical specifications, details of our dual blockchain model, the business model and more inside this document. You can download it in the language of your choice.

Aimedis Digital Asset sale agreement

This is the AIM digital asset sale agreement, including restricted countries and a disclaimer.

The AIMsocial medical social network

With Aimedis V2 we launch AIMsocial, the first decentralized and incentiviced social medical network.

AIMsocial revolutionizes the way patients communicate and support their way to healthyness and well-being. With the release the AIM digital asset will give patients and caregivers the possibility to get paid for their efforts and work inside the network, because we believe that helping others must be incentivized.